Care Experience

A dedicated team on your side, by your side.

If you’ve had a cancer diagnosis, you know it’s a life-changing experience. We believe your wants and needs should guide the way.

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Who will take care of me?

Where do I go for treatment?

What if I have more questions after my appointment?

What will insurance cover?

What resources can help me learn more?

How much is this going to cost me?

What do I tell my family?

What doctor can I go see?

How many opinions should I get?

What is my prognosis?

What are my treatment options?

What do you know about the side effects of CAR T therapy?

Where do I look up information about my diagnosis?      

Is anyone else in my family at risk?

Can you explain my pathology report to me?

What support services are available for me and my family?

What are clinical trials? 

How will I get to all of my appointments?

How will I keep all of this new information straight?

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Get In Touch

Thyme Care is available at no added cost for members of participating health plans in New Jersey. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or have a suspicion of cancer, complete the below form to see if Thyme Care is available to you:

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