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A recent analysis, presented at the 2022 ASCO Quality Care Symposium, shows that Thyme Care interventions reduce total-cost-of-care by $429 PMPM.

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Healthcare is complicated.
Let’s simplify things.

Thyme Care makes things easier from day one. We’ll explain what’s happening, keep everything organized, get you what you need, and most importantly: listen.

Your Dedicated Nurse

Your Dedicated

Lean on a partner and ally who knows you—and the system.

Get Clear Answers

Get Clear

Know what to expect with your treatment, medication, and symptoms.

Be Seen and Heard

Be Seen and

We can help you ask questions and speak up for what you need.

Free Up Your Time

Free Up
Your Time

We’ll help book appointments and keep your providers updated.

Start Together, Stay Together

Start Together,
Stay Together

Your nurses and care experts are committed to you for the long run.

There’s no added cost for members in participating plans.


There’s no added cost for members in participating plans.

HubSpot Video

Nancy and Vanessa’s breast cancer journey with Thyme Care.

Learn how Thyme Care’s team of nurses and care partners helped two members with breast cancer navigate their care journey by providing them with personalized guidance and support.

What to Expect

Here’s what happens when you become a Thyme Care member.

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Let’s get to work. We’ll connect by phone to welcome you and get started.

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Meet Your Personalized Team

Your team’s expertise and support can help you take quick, informed action.

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Get Seen Quickly

We’ll help you find an oncologist you love and get you in to see them right away.

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Stay Close Along the Way

We’re right there when you need us, for as long as you need us.

here's what to expect when you become a thyme care member
Thyme Care is available at no extra cost for members of participating health plans

Get In Touch

Thyme Care is available at no added cost for members of participating health plans in New Jersey. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer or have a suspicion of cancer, complete the below form to see if Thyme Care is available to you: