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The Thyme Care Model

How the Thyme Care Oncology Partner model works:


Thyme Care contracts with health plans and other payers to provide wraparound clinical navigation to their members with cancer.



In markets where we have members, we build partnerships with high-value oncology practices to facilitate rapid access to care.



Thyme Care collaborates with partner practices on value-driving activities, aligning incentives between payer and practice through shared savings models.


Thyme Care also supports practices with existing value-based payer contracts, and will work with practices to enter into new value-based arrangements with payers.

Thyme Care Oncology Partners

Highly-localized integration with oncologists.

Existing markets with Thyme Care Oncology Partner presence.

Who we work with:

Contact us today to learn about becoming a Thyme Care Oncology Partner:

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  1. For regions where we have payer contracts, reach out join our network and participate in value-based agreements.

  2. If payers in your region are approaching you to participate in value-based arrangements, reach out to see if Thyme Care can support.