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The Problem

People with cancer are under-supported and experience many challenges throughout their cancer journey. 

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Thyme Care's purpose-built oncology care model

Thyme Care drives transformative changes in the cancer care experience and outcomes through a hybrid-collaborative approach. By combining a technology-enabled Care Team with seamless provider integration, Thyme Care creates a care delivery model that guides and supports the entire patient journey.


Interdisciplinary Virtual Care Team

Dedicated team of oncology-trained nurse practitioners, nurses and resource specialists that assist patients throughout their cancer journey.


Care Management Platform

Thyme Care’s intelligent care delivery platform enables data-driven care guidance at scale, informed by advanced analytics, to drive better decision-making and patient engagement.


Deep Provider Integration

We identify and partner with high-value oncology groups and PCPs within a plan’s existing network - operating as an extension of their clinical team, aligning incentives and driving a more coordinated experience.

Partnership Results

Driving meaningful results for health plans
and their members.


$600 PEMPM

Average rate of savings for navigated members


Reduction in total cost-of-care for navigated members


Thyme Care member satisfaction rate

The information presented on this website is based on a difference-in-differences study using medical claims exclusively from a regional Medicare Advantage plan. As such, the study excludes the impact of additional interventions that Thyme Care deploys for the commercial segment and new interventions that Thyme Care has launched. Contact us to evaluate the value Thyme Care can drive for your population.

Thyme Care Impact

Thyme Care’s model delivers timely, outcomes-driven, high-quality care that sustainably reduces Total Cost of Care. This scalable model optimizes cost of care by matching resource use to the intensity and impactability of member need.

Reducing acute care utilization

Addressing gaps in care

Quicker access to high-value care

Reducing barriers to care

Ensuring goal-concordant care

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Partnering with Thyme Care

Thyme Care partners with health plans, employers and risk-bearing providers to assume accountability for enhanced care quality, improved health outcomes, and reduced total cost of care. 



Our analytics platform enables understanding, forecasting savings, and delivering value by aligning incentives and assuming population risk for all actively treated cancer patients, regardless of their treating oncologist



Together, we’ll tailor incentives and implement a care model that integrates into your existing processes, teams, and network to meet the specific needs of your plan, providers, and members.



We will begin supporting the delivery of high-touch, whole-person cancer care to your members within months. 


Our current partners:

Thyme Care Oncology Partners

Highly-localized integration with oncologists.